Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mary Katrantzou

My Favorite Designer: Mary Katrantzou



Katrantzou is of course widely stocked everywhere but her prints are perfect fodder to be presented in its own realm.  Here, her prints can be magnified, sold by theme and she can also create exclusive product, which she has done with a 45 piece web only collection.  With sweatshirts, easy chiffon shirts and simpler dresses, Katrantzou is offering a more accessible slant to those heavily encrusted, show stopper dresses that she has become.well known for.  Katrantzou has always had them in her vast sales collection but her own ecommerce site is definitely showing a wider product range than even her most ardent stockists.  I tried on a selection of the web exclusives on for size and found that it was probably her easiest collection to wear on a day to day basis.  Not that I object to lampshade frocks and beautiful jacquard in a chippie but Katrantzou's prints pack a punch all by themselves without complex silhouettes.  The sweatshirts and cardis whilst simple in shape are actually my favourite pieces from the collection and really demonstrate how adept Katrantzou is at print placement.  As Katrantzou continues her upward ascent in brand building, it's great to see that she finally has a well-made online presence to help her on the way.

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