Thursday, September 27, 2012

True Artist Brand Event

The Art of Elevation Birthday Mixer

Last Saturday Jarielle and I ( Kimmy D.) attended Rihanna S. Mack True Artist Brand mixer. It was lots of fun. I especially loved the mugshot!

Kimmy D. & Jarielle- Imari

Rhianna S. Mack ( Brand Owner)
Jarielle- Imari & Kimmy D.
 Rhianna S. Mack & model

Photo Credit: Chad J. Bodwin

Sunday, September 16, 2012

London Fashion Week

Fyodor Golan SS 2013

Alice Temperley SS 2013

Antoni & Alison SS 2013

Mary Katranzou SS 2013

Holly Fulton SS 2013

Its only day 3 of London Fashion Week, and can we say "what's not to love!". Beautiful textured pieces, with color, beadwork and prints. It feels like fashion heaven.

Photo credit: &

Friday, September 14, 2012

Little Fashionista

This little fashionista is Ali Wang, the niece of the lovely Vera Wang. What can I say? "Niece like aunt"!


I don’t design clothes, I design dreams.

-Ralph Lauren

All Black Everything...

Are you like me, where you have about five small loads of laundry because you can’t stand the thought of red bleed or blue die mixing and not so gracefully matching in the wash? On the other hand, maybe you’re like my boyfriend, two loads, whites and colors, nothing in between. He calls himself a conservationist; I call him a hazard to all things fabulous! Either way, we wouldn’t dare wash our precious pieces with anything less than the best! That’s why we use Woolite®! Keeps your darks deep and our delicates sensational! And what’s more? Keeps you, runway ready!

From one half of Kimari-Jai, this has been Jarielle-Imari with your tip of the week



Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fashion Paradise

While browsing on Blog Lovin I ran across a post by Honestly...WTF and immediately fell in love with Marchesa Spring 2013 collection. The intricate details on the fabric, the colors, the fringe, the flare of the fabulous gowns. Don't we wish we could skip fall and winter, and move right on to spring?

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