Wednesday, September 12, 2012

So, Who is Kimari-Jai?
Kimari-Jai, created with love by Kimmy D., 24, and Jarielle-Imari, also 24. Kimari-Jai is an innovative, high-end line, branded for those who live, or at least dream to live, in the lap of luxury. But first, let’s take a minute to get to know the girls.
Kimmy D.
Got a sweet-toothe anyone? Kimmy D. was born in Jamiaca, rasied in California, and has now been in The Big D for the last  six years. Ms. Kimmy goes hard with her always classy, always chic, and always lady-like sense of style. Kimmy is always on point with her delectable taste in fashion and her keen eye for fashion. Style so cute, you’ll want to eat her up!
Jarielle has always been a wild child.Native to Texas, J. Imari, was raised by her single mother in and around the Dallas metroplex. Her style crosses the line of Tonka trucks and Barbie’s. Blending vintage roses with Chicago Bulls, J. Imari, brings her edgy style to the team, ready to kick ass in a tutu and dunks.
With the launch of their line, Kimari-Jai, Kimmy D. and J. Imari aim to bring you what’s haute and what’s hotter! We’ll be bringing fashion directly to you. From the latest trends, the hottest designers’, Fashion Killa of the week and more! And you’ll have tons of shoppable items from our line.
Have fun;)

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